A/W is coming.

A/W is starting to pour into our stores already (and it's 30 degrees celsius outside). One collection I am definitely looking forward to seeing is Isabel Marant. She just can't seem to do no wrong.
Her S/S was a huge hit, and her A/W is already heading that way. Dree Hemingway was recently photographed wearing a grey dress from the A/W collection.
I love the black and white stripped jumper and the black leather jacket, I'm a simple sort of girl.

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  1. just wanted to say that i follow both this blog and your tattoo blog and they are both regular reads for me i.e. i check them everyday along with my other favourites.
    i just bought vogue and it's the first look at autumn and it made me get out my furs, boots, scarves and it's still summer! craziness.
    fashion makes saying goodbye to the sun a lot less painful