Chanel Nail Polish

source: fashionista

Currently obsessing over nail polish! I don't know what's come over me.
I think it's all the bloggers I keep seeing with brown/grey nail polish on.
Loving the colours above, all classics.
Went out and bought the Chanel Rouge Noir yesterday, can't wait to try it out!


English cool.

The hair, the eye make up, black and white, everything that makes up English cool.


Alexander Wang Fever

source: The Fashionisto

Everyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE Alexander Wang fan, and I'm delighted to see he has picked Zoe Kravitz to star in his T by Alexander Wang ad campaign!
Can't wait for the rest of the pictures, I want more!

I know I've been bombarding my blog with videos these last few days, but I just can't help it.
Here is the music video for the band 'One Night Only', Burberry model as the front man of the band, and his girlfriend Emma Watson in the video. The video is supposed to have a Disney Lady and the Tramp story to it.


Alexander Wang In Motion

Abbey Lee, the setting, the music, the clothes, I love everything about this.


Chanel Mademoiselle Bracelet

I saw these first in a Chanel shop and they really got me thinking.
I really love bracelets, and I've always had a thing for ones with locks.
I've considered the Hermes ones before but the Hermes lock sticks out a lot making it impractical.
The Chanel ones are gorgeous, the lock doesn't stick out too far, and I especially like the python one.

Underwater But Not Drowning.

As you all know by now I treat this blog as a place where I share everything that gets me excited, that makes me say 'wow'.
And these photographs definitely make me say 'wow'.
I adore these the most, because it has a sense of calm, a sense of under water tranquility.
The talent behind these photographs is Saranna from Finland.
She runs her own blog Hot Shoe, and also has a flickr account.

Chanel Shopping Fever


Jennifer Behr Fall 2010 Lookbook

source: fashiongonerogue

I've been really obsessed with accessories lately. And these headbands would really give an outfit a pop.
My favourite is the 1st one.


Perfectly casual.

source: Caroline Mode
This is the perfect casual outfit. The classic Balenciaga bag, boots that can withstand rain, super soft tee by Alexander Wang and that gorgeous Rick Owen's leather jacket.
These are all classic wardrobe stables but I still find them exciting.


Stary Skies

Source: studmuffin

I absolutely adored this collection by Christopher Kane.
It's one of those collections I wish stayed in stores for seasons to come.
Each piece could so easily be worked into different outfits, simply by wearing a blazer or pairing it with black skinny jeans.

Sheepskin Flying Jacket

Topshop is such a tease.
I've been after a shearling jacket for a while now, thinking I could get one from Topshop at a high street price.

The Row.

I am still so in love with this. It's all basics, and if you think about, it's all that you really need for each and every season.


Attention to detail

source: stockholm streetstyle

Just a few of my favorite street styles at the moment.

You always need to pay attention to the details when it comes to clothing.
I saw those gold Christian Louboutin heels in stores before, and if you pay attention to the picture of it here, you can see how it's 'flaking', the skin is coming apart.
So although it looks gorgeous in store, you need to pay attention to whether or not it would withstand some wear and tear.

Has anyone else noticed that Caroline Mode is COMPLETELY obsessed with Balenciaga bags? She has an amazing collection.


Ooh La Laa

I just logged onto 'I don't like Mondays' online store and these are the images that greeted me. My first thought was 'ooh la laa'. Fell instantly for this gray dress.
Oh how pretty images and marketing works like a charm on me.
It's a dress by Evil Twin.


source: unknown

My next D.I.Y is definitely going to be this skirt! This picture of Dree has been circulating for a while now, and I just HAVE to get my hands on a skirt like that.


Birkin printed bag

Since I'm in Asia at the moment, I thought I would do some posts related to fashion in Asia.

At the moment, this birkin printed bag has taken over Taiwan and Hong Kong by storm. It's created by a Japanese brand called Tata.
It comes in a range of colours, as well as sizes.
How long until Hermes slaps it with a law suit? Will they see the funny side of it?

Another version is again by a Taiwanese brand called Banana.Taipei. This version is a lot cheaper, and is printed on a tote bag.

Sources:btchesshop.blogspot, missylovely, fashion-hair-jamie.blogspot, Popbee