Olivia Palermo x ASOS Magazine

I was really happy when I found out Olivia Palermo was on the cover of the new ASOS magazine. She's perfect for the magazine, since she likes to mix designer with high street together and make it work.
I really adore Olivia Palermo and the way she looks in this editorial. It's different from what she normally looks like, she looks a lot less polished. She also kinda reminds me of Dree Hemingway in the first and third picture.

ASOS has been making good picks when it comes to their magazine, I especially liked the one with Kaya Scodelario from Skins.

source: refinery29


Julia Roitfeld

Source: The Selby

My internet is down, so I can't post properly until tomorrow afternoon :(


Dominic Jones' Single Claw Ring.

Purchase or pass?

Isabel Marant Boutique.

(New York and Paris store pictured)

For those of you who have been following this blog for a while will know that I am addicted to Isabel Marant, so I was quite surprised to find out that she has two boutiques in Hong Kong.

My boyfriend suggested taking me there today, and I was in complete bliss.
There was only two other people in the store, giving me the impression that not a lot of people are aware of it being there and is one of Hong Kong's best kept secrets.
They had everything from both her collections, as well as a HUGE sale section. They also had look books for each season, so you can see what's on offer.
I found a few things that I liked, a perfect gray tee (I'm a tee addict), a gorgeous tweed jacket, and a shocking pink summer dress.

I didn't make any purchases in the end, I think I'm holding out my first ever Isabel Marant purchase to be a truly gorgeous jacket, because when it comes to them, she is a master amongst others like Balmain.



This is the ultimate cool, and Tom Ford was of course behind it.
I've started to notice that Freja and Nicholas kind of give off the same sort of cool, dark, edgy vibe. Or I might just be bias, I've always loved Freja, and Nicholas was amazing in skins.



I haven't been paying much attention to Mischa Barton's style recently, but everything about this outfit is right. The skinny jeans, the side pony-tail, the hat, the red sweater and of course, the birkin.


Miroslava's Baby Bump

HOW did I miss this?
That is going to be one stylish baby! And she is definitely showing us how to work that baby bump with the right clothes.
She looks so cute in the last photo.


Exit Magazine S/S 2010.

Gorgeous shades of pink.
Photographer: Michael Schwartz
Model: Anastasija Kondratjeva



Preview for the AW Isabel Marant Ad featuring Kate Moss. There is no better combination.


Pure Cobrasnake.

Mark Cobrasnake x Atlanta de Cadenet for Exit Magazine. He has a gift for capturing the essence of California cool with his camera. Having a good muse helps, Atlanta oozes cool.
I love the colours in these photos, they remind me of Wildfox campaigns.


Zara Sale.

Sorry about the poor quality, I didn't have a proper camera with me, had to use an iphone. Just wanted to show you guys my recent Zara sale raid on Regent Street.
Managed to get a Balmain styled gray t shirt that I will be pairing with a black skirt and the Topshop booties once I make them mine.
The bronze shirt reminded me of Chloe, definitely wearing it with black skinny jeans.
The other two dresses are going to be worn with the twist and knot belt technique.

Might have to do outfit posts to give these photos justice.


A/W is coming.

A/W is starting to pour into our stores already (and it's 30 degrees celsius outside). One collection I am definitely looking forward to seeing is Isabel Marant. She just can't seem to do no wrong.
Her S/S was a huge hit, and her A/W is already heading that way. Dree Hemingway was recently photographed wearing a grey dress from the A/W collection.
I love the black and white stripped jumper and the black leather jacket, I'm a simple sort of girl.


Recent Purchases.

I spent quite a while looking for this T by Alexander Wang sweater in London during Easter with no luck.
Showed up at the Harvey Nichols sale and they had 10 in my size at half price!
Can't wait to team it with a brown leather jacket during A/W.


The Outsider.

photo source: fashiontoast

I'm sure you have all seen these gorgeous photos of Topshop's A/W 2010 collection. But I would like to just quickly direct your attention to the last photo.
How GORGEOUS are those boots? I have already warned the boyfriend that I will be running to Topshop the minute they come out. I was already in love with shearing on boots ever since they graced the Burberry runway, so to have them at a high street price and all in black, how can I say no?