Model Uniform

Bag - Chanel
Tee - T by Alexander Wang
Scarf - Alexander McQueen
Leather Trousers - Balmain
Jacket - Rick Owens
Shoes - Isabel Marant


Today I'm Wearing: Olivia Palermo

Vogue uk.com has a blog section where they have a different person every month to upload their wardrobe. Olivia Palermo was chosen for April and I must say I found her month the most interesting out of all of them.
She mixes high street with designer labels extremely well, and also shows that you don't need lots of cash in your wallet to look stylish, as long as you style it well. (although I wouldn't mind having her Hermes birkin)


Different on the inside.

I can't wait to move into my own place.
I keep telling the boy that I want to do everything right. So if I can't find the right dinning table for a year, that means eating off our laps for a year.


Miroslava Duma

If I was to raid one persons wardrobe, it would probably be hers.



Agendas are one of my top essentials whilst traveling. I use it to write down address as well as travel details.
My boyfriend keeps asking me why I don't use my blackberry or macbook that has a calender built in. But I just have to be able to write it down and have it on paper, I'm old fashioned in that sense.

Plus, I hate to admit it, but his iphone is better for calenders than my blackberry is.



I'm so torn about this editorial.
I can't decide whether I like it or not. I love the Balmain in the editorial, I love the styling, but at the same time I feel like the whole thing makes the model look too...skinny.
It also reminds me of Margaux Lonnberg from The Killing Moon blog.


Tobacco and Leather

Tobacco and Leather does the best fashion illustrations I have ever seen. Not only does she sketch, but she has also expanded to different forms of media.
I love what she has done to Abbey Lee's sleeve, as well as the smoke and colours in the first picture.