Maison Michel SS 2010

I've fallen head over heels in love with Maison Michel, the brand that created the infamous lace bunny ears.
They make a range of head accessories, from felt hats to beaded headbands. And how gorgeous is this campaign?

Available at Brown in London

On another note, I should be getting some new stuff up on my online store this week :) I also have a bone to pick with firefox, it doesn't seem to like this blog very much, the scroll bar on the right keeps disappearing.


Online Store.

Hi guys!

It's happening, I've opened my own online store!

click here

The white shredded tee is now available for purchase. The black one is soon to follow.
Even if you don't feel like shopping, just go check it out or show your friends as support ;)

And keep checking back. I will be adding other items such as unisex tees, limited tees and other collections.

Thanks to all you guys for checking it out. Hopefully we'll be able to watch it grow :)


Numéro #113

Dree Hemingway for Numéro #113.

Photographer: Sølve Sundsbø

I'm really starting to like Dree Hemingway, and she has amazing street style. If i was to ever raid anyone's wardrobe, she would be my top five.


What makes fashion move forward.

I went into WHSmith and found i-D spring magazine under the mens section next to FHM. Found it amusing how some people considered fashion magazines as porn.

Source: fashiongonerogue

Natalia Vodianova by Paolo Roversi
i-D Spring 2010


This is how I feel today.

Everybody's Dancing.

I know absolutely everyone has posted this editorial, but I just couldn't resist. Freja in soft ballerina colours and different shades of pink.
Down to the white powdered detail on her shoes.