Cher Lloyd- Turn My Swag on

If you don't like this sort of thing please don't kill me for posting this.
I'm not normally that into the x-factor, and I don't watch other talent shows, but I HAD to share this.
I just didn't know what to make of this audition the first time I watched it, and now I want to see her preform again!
She looks like she's part of a professional girl group, but she isn't, this is all her! No stylists, no managers, no one telling her how to preform, this is simply an audition.
I love everything about this audition, her unusual song choice, the fact that she dressed sexy without showing too much skin and the faces she makes.


  1. I'm exactly the same, I just watch x factor now and then to laugh at people but i saw this and woah. She's said she can rap but also apparently wants to sing dolly parton on the first show. I'm very intruiged.