Topshop Basics

Clockwise from Top Left
1. Plain oversize long sleeve tee (£34) 2. Mottled scarf (£22) 3. Airtex roll back sleeve tee (£25) 4. Raw hem shorts by boutique (£55) 5. Acid Jamie Jeans (£55) 6. Ruched Bandeau dress (£55)

I've just discovered Polyvore! Took me a while, I know. This is just a basic set I quickly put together.
I've already got the dress, and it is a definite hit! I have a sneaky feeling they've raised the price of the dress by a bit because it keeps selling out and they keep restocking it. I'm pretty certain I first saw it for £10 cheaper.
I'm now on the hunt for the two tops...

1 comment:

  1. The dress is amazing!!!
    I want one for me...but unfortunately we don't have it here in Brazil...=/