Dr, I Think I'm Torn.

I can't decide whether Dr.Martens is a do or a don't. Sometimes i think i HAVE to buy a pair, whereas other times i think they'll look clumsy on my huge feet.


  1. haha! i thought exactly the same thing a couple of days ago.. and finally said to myself: fuck it. and found myself in a shoes store in half an hour.

    now i'm sooo happy i got them. i walk in my martins at home as it too hot to wear it somewhere now.. but i cant wait till autumn to wear it all the time.

    by the way my shoe size is..UK8.. but i don't think this boots look clumsy.. i'm not a Thumberlina in the end :)

  2. exactly what i thought about the nudity in my header too, why not! I might aswell seeing as i've already been punished with a content warning!

    and thanks sweet :) i felt like the old one was a little boring.. i like this one much better